We have named our restaurant Fitistron from the legend of the Orphic Anthem because we too have expended time and care in the process of creating our dream.
lf this tale inspires you, come and experience our 'Oistros', as vital now as in Ancient times. We have blended the new and the old with the classical greatness of the holy rock of the Citadel which we overlook and the tale of Xenios Zeus, allowing you to share with us the endless harmony of enjoying wonderful mezes in good company and thus become a friend of our 'Oistros'!

All our dishes are based on traditional Greek recipes and are made with the finest quality ingredients. Complement your meal with the range of wines we have chosen from small Greek wine producers taking quality and price into careful account.

And finally there's Greek coffee cooked in embers to enjoy after your meal.



One often comes across the word “Filistros” in the Orphic hymns as an epithet of certain Olympian gods attributing to them the state of  “oistros” (a state filled with desire or lust).
Lexicon of Ancient Greek, J. Stamatakos
Major Greek Dictionary, Tegopoulos – Fytrakis
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Filistron is open daily from 12 p.m.
The kitchen operates until midnight on weekdays and until 1 after midnight on weekends.